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ivii comes bundled
with a very powerful marketing tool
guaranteed to help raise the profile of your nightlife business

With every guestlist subscription and check-in, ivii will collate a database of guests for your venue - over time. With our built in email marketing functionality, you can target and send marketing content to specific segments of your database.
Emails are a low cost marketing alternative with great return on investment (ROI). It can also be used hand in hand with social media marketing to achieve growth, increase footfall, and ultimately increase revenue/profit.


This example shows how detailed targeting can be used to increase footfall of a desired demographic at a venue. Club X is looking to increase it's table bookings for May Day bank holiday. In retrospect, the sect of people most likely to have higher spending budgets are people visiting from other cities coming for special occassions such as birthdays.

In this example, we have created a target group using the custom fields City and Birthday Month. Club X is situated in Manchester, so we have set the city field to "not Manchester", in other words, IVII will search through the database and collect the users that live in cities other than Manchester.

In addition to this, we have placed another condition on birthday month to only inlude users that have their birthdays in the month of May. We can then send a targeted email to entice the members that fall into this set category with special offers etc. Users are more likely to respond to emails that relate directly to them.
This example showcases a venue looking to target young professionals for a Friday night event. It could be that the event has already been placed but interests were not as high as expected. An email can be sent out, for example a few days before the date to garner more attendance.

The Gender field is used here to target ladies to attract them with the free entry incentive. The custom field Occupation is then set to target professionals. Lastly, the Age Group field is used here to keep to the theme of young professionals by setting it to a range that best fits the profile of the event.
This is another example related to tailoring a segment based on their age group and occupation. Here we have a nightclub looking to increase revenues on a Tuesday night designed around the student population.

Again, very easily, a target group fitting the desired Age Group (18 - 23) and Occupation(Student) can be created; accompanied by a well designed email made easy by the hundreds of ready made themes available on ivii.
Another useful custom field built into ivii is the Last Attended field. With every check in of guests, ivii takes a timestamp in the background and is able to collate guests that attended your nightclub or bar on, after or before a given date.

For example, if your venue was just recently refurbished, you could send a marketing content to your past guest who havent attended your venue in recent times. Have you just released a new coktail menu? You can tailor your audience who have yet to sample your refreshed new menu as shown in this example.